Check Windows 10 activation status, activate it, or Change product key

After you have upgraded your Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 PC to Windows 10, you might want to check if your copy has been activated.In this post, we will see how to check activation status of Windows 10 OS, activate Windows 10, change product key in Windows 10, and fix error code or is not working issues.

Activation is the initial process by which a Windows running on a PC is determined to be properly licensed and genuine, and it’s really quick and easy. It is different from Registration, in the sense that,  Activation is the process of ensuring that your copy of Windows is used according to the Microsoft Software License Terms, whereas registration is the process of entering information to sign up for product support, tools and tips, and other product benefits.

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If you upgrade to Windows 10, the new OS will take the product key and activation details from your earlier OS. These are then saved on Microsoft servers, along with your PC details. If you clean install Windows the first time, you may face activation problems. If you performed an upgrade the first time, activated Windows 10, and then clean installed Windows 10 on the same PC, then there will be no activation issues, as the OS will pull activation details from Microsoft servers.

Check Windows 10 activation status


To check Windows 10 activation status, do the following:

Open Start > Settings app > Update and Security.

Select Activation, in the left panel. Here you will see the activation status.

If all has gone smoothly, Windows 10 should have taken your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 product key and activated itself automatically.

Activate Windows 10

But, if your Windows 10 is not activated, then this post will show you how to activate Windows. Also important are additional links at the end of this post. You can activate Windows online or by phone.

Change Windows 10 product key

If you wish to change the product key of your activated Windows 10, click on the Change product key button. In the panel which opens, enter a product key.

If the license is genuine, Windows 10 will register it and attempt to activate it online automatically.

If you face receive This copy of Windows is not genuine or Windows Activation Fails message, or face some issues, see this post which will show you how to troubleshoot Windows 10 Activation errors.

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  1. hugorune

    I’m using Windows 8.1 Pro via Bootcamp on a New Mac Book Retina 12″. It is impossible to upgrade Win directly to Windows 10, “error 8024402C Windows 10 couldn’t be installed”. I removed Win 8.1 Pro and did a fresh install of Windows 10 from an MS iso file. Now how do I get my product key for my “free upgrade”? My Win 8 Pro key didn’t work, my Win 8.1 Pro upgrade key didn’t work either.

    Simple answer: no free upgrade. Since I can’t “upgrade” under Bootcamp, I can’t upgrade at all. Win 10 is only out for a week and I already regret having touched it.

  2. Megacharge

    Stop using Apple garbage.

  3. Anonymous

    Sry for the late answer, but you can only upgrade free, not do a clean install of win 10, you need to install a previous os and activate it, to get win 10 for free.

  4. Ashish Sharma

    I have hp pavilion g4 but accidentally formatted windows how do i get my genuine copy of windows i have product key

  5. Dianajewh Hoffmantjm

    Get windows 10 key go website *vanskeys . com*

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